Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the art of marketing your business in order to attract mobile users, especially smartphone users. A perfect mobile marketing strategy provides its potential customers with personalized, time and location-based information, so that they can get precise information, even if they're on the go.

Need of a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

As technology enhancement and quality user experience paving the way, mobile has almost became a prominent medium that produces influential results and measurable ROI, these days. Because of the dramatic usage of internet through mobiles, businesses need to add more focus on mobile marketing to stay competitive.

In general, Mobile marketing consists of ads that appear on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

As a prominent Mobile Marketing Company in Hyderabad, we at Vaaradhi Web & IT Services P Ltd. intend to bring out the best mobile marketing services that are up-to-date. Our customers consistently rave about our strategic services that depict the power of our mobile technology, rich analytics platform and preference management. Our efficient and productive marketing services include

App-based Marketing: Making use of services like Google AdMob, we customize the mobile ads to appear in third-party mobile applications.

In-game Mobile Marketing: Full-page image ads, banner pop-ups or video ads can be imbued within mobile games.

QR Codes: Scanned QR codes work as a medium to take users to a specific webpage.

Location-based Marketing: Ads will appear on mobile devices based on user’s location related to a specific business or area.

SMS Marketing: A traditional trick of forwarding SMS to a customer’s phone number and informing them with specific offers.

Mobile Search Ads: These are simple Google search ads made for mobile, often featuring further add-on extensions like maps or click-to-call.

Mobile Image Ads: Image-based ads are designed to appear on mobile devices.

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